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Questions (and Answers)

If the answer to your question is not below, please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 665 706.

Are there any hidden charges or extra costs?

Nope, our service really is 100% free. You agent’s standard commission won’t alter a bit either. All that changes is that you will only be dealing with the best agents.

What is Performing Agents?

Performing Agents is a free service for property buyers and sellers to help you find only the best real estate agent in your suburb. An average real estate agent may well cost you thousands, its just not worth risking for such a big investment. Our mission is to provide you the opportunity to work with the very best as sometimes you only get one chance in real estate.

Using Performing Agents Is such a simple and free process, all you really need to do is choose from the best in the business, it’s that simple!

What happens after I complete the form?

We will give you a brief call to confirm your human and gather some more information about your property or what your looking for and then we get to work sourcing the top agents for you. We will usually notify you of our thoughts and recommendations by email the next business day and send you by text so you know to look out for it. The agents we recommend will contact you direct and you will need to choose whom you think is the best fit for you, the rest is up to your professional agent. We will always be here to assist in any way and will never leave you stranded.

How do you determine who which agents will be most suitable for me and my property?

We use market research data to identify the best performing agent for your property based on a range of factors including:

1. Agent reputation – Successful agents have numerous listings and a long list of sales in your local area having earned their reputation as proven performers. When these types of figures are statistically analysed, the top agents generally stand out from the crowd.

2. Dominant Agency – Some agencies simply dominate certain areas and sellers need to be aware of this before they list. They have the buyers and the properties similar to yours and can cross-market and work together very efficiently.

3. Professionalism – we contact the agents by phone and email personally to make sure they meet our high communication standards. You would be surprised how many agents do not meet our expectations in this important category.

How are you able to offer this service for free?

We will always be 100% independent and will never be aligned to any agency or organisation, but we can understand your curiosity.

Performing Agents receives an industry standard service fee from your real estate agent, but only after a successful sale or purchase. Agents are used to paying standard referral fees to other real estate agents and professionals who refer them clients and they like working with us due to ongoing referrals and mutual professionalism. It really is a win win situation for everyone.

What if I do not like any of the real estate agents you suggest?

Just tell us what you did and didn’t like so we can try and source other agents that may be more to your liking. We have no problem providing additional information if required and you are encouraged do your own research also to compliment ours. If you are considering other agents you may be aware of, just let us know whom your thinking about and we will check their performance out providing you have not spoken or been introduced to them yet.

Can I request you to contact an agent of my choice?

Absolutely! We are there to help you get the right person for the job. If the agent is appointed through us there is much more emphasis on them to provide good service to enable future repeat business.

Why should I use agents you recommend instead of friends suggestion?

Selling your property is a BIG decision that will have a BIG impact on your financial position in the long term. The best agents have already sold numerous properties just like yours. They would also typically have the biggest list of buyers and current listings. This important information can only be determined by having access to expensive industry information and good old fashioned due diligence. It’s no surprise that good agents with a solid reputation are usually deserving of that reputation by consistent performance. We have the ability to determine who is performing, and who is not. In fact the best agents probably already have buyers for your property right now!

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