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Compare Real Estate Agents by Asking these Questions

You are ready to sell your house. You have made enquiries with a few agents or even better received your free report from us, with the top three agents in your area. You make appointments to see them and then what, how will you about selecting which agent to use to sell your property?

If you are not used to dealing with agents, it is understandable you might be feeling apprehensive. Agents all love to talk and are usually friendly and outgoing, that is their job. However, you should be in control of the process and you can do this by having some questions ready of your own to ask.

Your house is your most important asset and rather than having them control the conversation, you should treat it as job interview for them, as though you are the boss and the real estate agent is your potential employee. It is natural that we judge people on appearances and first impressions, but we should try to keep an open mind and reserve judgement until we have a chance to get to know them a little more.

questions to ask your real estate agent

Here are some sample questions to guide you. Feel free to print them out and either take notes or record the conversation on your phone, just ask for permission first. Start with more general questions to get the agent to open up a bit. If they start waffling, don’t be afraid to jump in with the next question.

1. How do you plan to market the sale of my house?

The agent should have already have a plan to advertise and market the sale of your house. Will she upload it to realestate.com.au and leave it at that? How about video, facebook ads or any other modern selling technique? The way buyers search for property has changed a great deal in the past few years, so the agent should offer a marketing plan to match the demographic of potential buyers.

How familiar are you with this area?

Strong knowledge of the area will help the agent to set a realistic price, but will also help the agent to have an idea of or have contacts with any potential buyers.

What do you think are the main selling features are of the house?

If the agent can’t describe any unique selling features of the house to you, how can they explain them to potential buyers? Did the agent notice for example the double glazed windows? Central heating/cooling? Your top of the range kitchen appliances?

Have you sold any comparable properties in the past?

The agent should have experience selling a similar type of property, whether it is a house, unit or luxury apartment. Ask them for evidence of comparable sales. If an agent for example has only sold student apartments, they might not have the experience of selling a luxury villa.

What method of sale would you recommend to sell the property?

Let the agent tell you what method they suggest to sell your house. Like do they prefer to auction it, or list it privately. Listen to what they say first before offering your ideas or opinion.

What would you list my house for and how do you justify the price?

An agent should have a good idea of what to list your property at. That is one of their areas of expertise. Again listen carefully to what they say before telling them what you think, as they will be studying you for your reaction. Some agents might suggest an price higher than what the property is worth, so they can get the listing.

How much will it cost?

We all want to know what the service is going to cost. Get the agent to breakdown the costs. Find out what their commission includes and doesn’t include and if you have to pay extra for any advertising, billboards etc.

I am interviewing three agents to sell my house, other than what you have told me already, what makes you different from other agents?

A good question to end on and to give the agent the opportunity to let you know anything else that might make them best suited to sell your property.

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